Buffalo, NY Real Estate Investor Meetup April 2015

On April 9th we had our monthly real estate meet up at the Olympic Restaurant in Tonawanda, NY.

We had a great turnout, perhaps our largest yet! The meeting is intended for both new and experienced investors, with the goal being to share knowledge amongst ourselves. We start the meeting by introducing ourselves, C&M Rental, and have everyone in the meeting introduce themselves, and talk briefly about how they participate (or intend to participate) in real estate. The meeting includes a wide variety of people including those who are into “buy and hold”, flips, real estate agents, those who work as wholesalers, home inspectors, lawyers, general contractors, lenders as well as many others.

Our guest speaker was Mike Harmony from Harmony Homes Estates Inc. He gave a presentation on what he looks for in a home inspection, what potential buyers can look for in their first walk through, and answered quite a few questions from the audience. All the guest speakers we have love to answer questions. We’ve found that’s the best way for new and experienced real estate investors to gain new knowledge.

After Mike finished up, I gave a short presentation on our buy and hold strategies and opened things up for general questions. After that, we had a great period of simply everyone talking to each other and making the connections they need to make to move forward in the real estate business.
If you would like to participate in future meetups, either presenting or simply showing up as a member, just drop us an email at candmrentalco@gmail.com and we will put you on our email list. There are no fees to participate and the restaurant we hold it at does not require food or drink purchases, though I certainly buy dinner there every time I go!

Contact information for our guest speak mike Harmony is:

Phone: 716-863-4343
I hope to see another great crowd in May! Date not quite set yet.
These next two weeks are going to be very exciting for our company. We have meetings a number of new potential property management clients. Our emphasis with new clients is always open communication, quality repair work, and the fact that we want to be on the same team as the client, with both the owner and us making a profit! A long term, positive relationship with our client is key, just as it is key that we provide quality housing for our tenants.

Also, one of our clients has purchased a new property and will be closing this week. We are about a month away from closing on our first buy and hold purchase for the year, with the goal of adding at least one more by the end of the year.

Charles Cromwell