About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

C & M Rental is involved in a wide range of activities focused exclusively in the real estate business. Founded in 2010, with a focus on buy and hold rental property, the company has since branched into residential and commercial property management and other real estate related activities. The company’s efforts are currently in the Western New York region.

​The major keys to success for C & M Rental have been to perform a rigorous economic evaluation before the purchase of any property, careful tenant screening, responsiveness to tenants, and a strategy of forming partnerships with key vendors. Management believes in fiscal responsibility and conservativeness in numbers.

Meet the Team

Charles C. Cromwell

Owner – Co-Founder

Charles Cromwell is one of the two founders of C&M Rental and is a native Western New Yorker. He comes from an Engineering background with a degree from the SUNY in Chemical Engineering. His major responsibilities at C&M Rental include Tenant Relationship Management, Vendor Management, as well as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Michael W. Sherwood

Marketing Director – Co-Founder

Michael Sherwood is one of the two founders of C&M Rental and has been a resident of Western New York since 2006. He received his MBA from St. Bonaventure University with a specialization in Communications and Finance. His major responsibilities include marketing activities, business development, management of large capital projects, and banking relationship management.

Amanda Sherwood

Director of Finances

Amanda Sherwood is the director of Finances of C&M Rental. She is an accounting professional in Western New York with strong marketing and fashion design background. She is current in pursuit of her CPA license. Her major responsibilities include oversee cash flow planning and ensure availability of funds needed, coordinate audits and proper filings for tax returns, oversee accounting and finance functions of C&M Rental, and assist with Business marketing design activities.

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