Recent Buffalo Property Management News From C & M Rental

This has been an exciting week for C&M Rental. We have just onboarded a new client that has significantly added to our portfolio. We want to share this experience with you, so you understand that the reason for our success is that we understand our customers needs, both large and small.

The properties owned by our customers are very important to them. They need to be profitable for them, both over the short and long term. Many of our customers have been managing their properties for a long time and performing, or coordinating, the repairs themselves. This level of service can be very time consuming but at the same time is critical to maintain a happy tenant base.

It is our mission statement to unburden our customers of these responsibilities to allow them to enjoy more of their free time! At the same time, we know they want to maintain a handle on what is going on with their properties.

This is just the case for our newest clients. Over a multi-week period we got to know all their properties and meet many of their tenants. We transitioned all tenant communications to ourselves but at the same time, we are maintaining close communications with the owners so they know exactly what is going on with their properties. All the book-keeping for the properties is now being performed electronically and is available to them via an owner portal.

While this client is a larger one, we are soon to add to our portfolio a client with a single home. We treat all of our clients the same, and unlike some of the bigger property management customers, we welcome and cater to smaller customers as well!  Every owner, just like every tenant, gets the personalized attention that they need and deserve.We look forward to continued growth at C&M Rental and hope everyone enjoys the summer!
Your C & M Rental Management Team.