Tenant FAQ Sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Tenants FAQ

  1. All prospective tenants must complete an application. We encourage you to complete this application online, but one can be filled out at the time you view the apartment. There is NO application fee.
  2. All applicants are subject to both credit and criminal back ground checks.
  3. Should you choose to rent the apartment, a $ 200 deposit is required to take the property off the market. This applies to your security deposit. This $ 200 will not be refunded if you back out of renting the apartment.
  4. Full payment of first months rent and security deposit is required before receipt of keys.
  5. Tenants must give 60 days notice before moving out.

Current Tenant FAQ

1) Who should I write out my rent payment to?

Please refer to your rental agreement. We own our own properties and manage others. Whom the check should be written to will vary.

2) What address should rent payments be sent to?

C&M Rental

PO Box 553

West Seneca, NY 14224

3) What if I can not afford to pay my rent in full?

Please contact us immediately at the time you realize this. We often work out payment plans for emergency situations. Tenants that do not communicate to us regarding payment status and do not make payments upon agreed upon dates are subject to eviction.

Whom should I contact for repairs?

Repair requests can be

  1. Submit via tenant portal 
  2. Called in to 716-243-2671
  3. Texted to 716-243-2671

For all repair requests, please be as detailed as possible with regards to the issue. If you can include pictures in your text or ticket, that would be preferred.

Repair times will be a function of the urgency of the situation and current repair backlog.

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